Glimpses of Joy: The Chosen Servant || The Gospel Project Blog - Reflections during Advent from Isaiah 42. We must remember the Servant who redeems, and respond to him with praise.

Give it All, Just Not For Your Kids || For the Church - "If you want to give really good, eternally significant gifts to your children, become poor in spirit, take up your cross, walk in freedom from sin, and be willing to do whatever Jesus asks of you in this life."

When Mommy Loves Jesus More || Baptist Press (originally at FTC)

When Mommy Loves Jesus More || For the Church - Loving Jesus impacts every part of a mom's heart and actions 

No Matter What Happens || For the Church - How the gospel redefined the way I think about scary situations, in motherhood and beyond.

Your Response to Children Reveals Your Heart || CBMW - Are you really believing what the bible says about children or have you adopted the message of the culture? Your words might reveal more than you think.

Wives, Honor Your Husband's Preferences || CBMW - Maybe it's time to revisit that list of seemingly annoying things your husband has asked you to do, and see how you can bless him.

Newlyweds, be Open to God's Plan for Your Young Family || CBMW- How a young family can trust God with the future of their childbearing, without etching their desires in stone.

Your Gifts Can be Used at Home || CBMW - Trust God and seek to understand how he might want you to use your gifts, talents, training, and life experiences right where you're at.

Wives, do you envy your husbands? || Loving My Lot Guest Post for Loving My Lot

Risen Motherhood
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