The Gospel Matters for Your Everyday Moments
As millennial women with Google and a full social media newsfeed at our fingertips, we can easily go searching for solutions apart from dependence on God. We're experts in practical tips, how-to's, and the latest trends, but we're poor at humility, holiness, and understanding the true meaning of grace. But did you know there is good news? Because of what Jesus did for us on the cross, everything about who we are and what we love has changed. Now we can be wives and moms who hope in a person who promises us rest, peace, and eternal joy.

But sometimes...it's HARD to connect the dots between those beautiful truths and the everyday moments.

That's where this blog comes in.
There are a lot of women out there writing a lot of things. Some of it is golden gospel nuggets of truth, some of it sounds wonderful (but it's really a false gospel), and some of it is completely off-base. I hope to be a voice that pursues the great commission; sharing the truth about who Jesus was and what he did in the context of today's challenges and culture - helping wives and moms obey the word of God from a right heart.

So what kind of things will you find here? Articles about...

Of course, there's more too! I'm always growing and changing in my understanding of these truths, and I hope you'll follow along with me. Thanks for stopping by!

Want to know more about me? 
Well, here's a "formal" introduction:

Emily has a lifelong love of writing, with a heart for sharing gospel-centered biblical application with women.  She has been married to her husband for 7 years, and has 4 young boys. When she isn't sweeping food off the floor or keeping twins from jumping off of furniture, she loves studying scripture and sharing with women through her writing and speaking.

Emily's work has been republished on collaborative websites, translated into other languages and shared on popular mom blogs. In addition she's contributed original content to other blogs, including the Council on Biblical Manhood and WomanhoodFor the Church, and The Gospel Project Blog. She is also co-hosts Risen Motherhood, a weekly podcast that discusses the common issues moms face, in light of gospel truth.

Beyond writing and speaking, Emily has been involved with women's and children's ministry for several years, receiving leadership training through an international bible study program.  She has experience facilitating women's bible study groups and teaching young children the bible.

Whether it's in the early hours of the morning, during weekly studies or annual seminars, she regularly engages opportunities for theological study.  Emily and her husband Brad reside in central Iowa.

10 Things You'd Discover if We Met for Coffee: 
  1. I was born and raised in the Kansas City area, and am a fairly recent transplant to the cornfields of Iowa. But I love it here, despite occasionally missing phenomenal barbeque and The Country Club Plaza.
  2. On the surface, I'm kind of a "girly-girl", but I have a bit of a nerdy side (think dystopian books, british mystery shows, non-fiction writing and good science fiction stories). 
  3. I want to be funny, but I'm not that witty. If I give you a zinger, go ahead and laugh because that's the only one you'll get for a while. I'm better described as "silly". Okay, can we have a deep conversation now?
  4. No really. Tell me all about you and your feelings and your deepest hopes and dreams. NOW we're talking!
  5. Although I have no time for seminary on the side (see pic above: 4 kids under 4), I really love studying theology and digging deep into hard topics. I'm constantly learning new things. God's word is amazing. If I could go back to college and hit redo, I'd swap my special education degree for a double major in some type of Women's Ministry track and English (hello, writing and communication).
  6. I talk like I might exercise someday, but I probably won't. One summer I ran two 5k's, but that might be all I had in me for life. I do however, love walking outdoors. Keyword: WALKING.
  7. We'd love to continue growing our family (Lord willing). Pregnancy has its hard moments...but it's worth it! 
  8. My husband has an engineer's brain, steeped in a deep love of excellence. His strengths and vision + my idealism and hope for the future = crazy ideas. Watch out.
  9. Can we just text instead of talking on the phone? Or you can vox me. Then I can message you back at a low-stress, non-threatening moment.
  10. I'm an ENFP and I'm left-handed, so that explains most other things you need to know.
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