Introducing: The Risen Motherhood Podcast

"Maybe we should start a podcast!" I said with a laugh, only with a small seed of hope in my heart that Laura would agree.
For some time, we'd been discussing the ins and outs of motherhood in light of the gospel.  It was both invigorating and extremely helpful to work out the hard (but common) questions we face in daily life.  Sometimes motherhood can feel so lonely and confusing, but when you realize there are other women in your community trying to understand these things alongside you, suddenly, you gain courage.  The accountability was helpful, and I saw my heart making small changes as I thought more critically about my mothering in light of God's word.

Laura wasn't the only person I was talking to about motherhood and the gospel.  Many of the moms around me, in my church especially, were discussing hard things like mom guilt and discipline.  We were going back and forth about how we can talk to our sons about superheros in light of Christ and not finding our identity in the behavior of our children.
It was evident that moms needed other moms to just talk.  To share wisdom, insight, experiences - but mostly, to point one another to Christ.
We started with research, counting the cost of a new venture, because the challenges were many.  First of all, Laura and I lived 5 hours apart.  We had children at our feet most of day, with nap times not always syncing.  Neither one of us owned fancy microphones or recording equipment.  We had little experience in public speaking, especially in conversations about faith.

The first time we sat down to record, it was quite embarrassing.
Laura's voice was almost completely gone from a having a cold.  I was fumbling, with a newborn baby who wasn't on a schedule yet, and could wake up at any moment during our recording needing to eat.  Our sister-in-law, Becca was also present, being so kind to support our first awkward attempts at speaking.  When we finally hit record - we sounded so inexperienced.  And my baby tooted in the background while we were talking.  We laughed hysterically.  We got no REAL content.

For months it seemed we were getting nowhere.  Recording a podcast was more complex and challenging than we ever expected, and we were both humbled to find out we weren't as "good" at it as we expected.
But the good news is, this put us both in a place of real dependence on God, with a realization that on our own, we weren't going to offer much to our listeners.  Instead, it would have to be God using our imperfect words to point other moms to himself, despite our flaws and shortcomings.
Somehow, in the midst of fall schedules, babies waking up all night and travel - we got everything recorded.  (Mostly, this meant brewing coffee in the 5a.m. hour and sneaking to quiet parts of the house.)

Tomorrow, we'll release our first episode of The Risen Motherhood Podcast, and my heart is brimming with thanksgiving.  In motherhood, there are so many things you put effort into and then don't get to see the results or fruit for years or decades.  It's refreshing to start something and actually see it come to completion!  And honestly, even if very few people listen or if it's just not that helpful, I'm still incredibly grateful we did it.  I see God's good plans all over it, and I'm sure the depths of his purposes are unknown to us.  Because in the process we learned a ton about the gospel, we grew in our own mothering, we had to lay down idols and confront ungodly fears.

So, dear readers, I hope that you'll take 15 minutes and listen.  Even in our fumbling over words and saying things that aren't quite right yet, I hope you will be aware of your own need for Jesus.  I hope as you listen to us, your heart will be drawn to Jesus with a greater desire to talk with your own community about the gospel and motherhood.  I hope that our lack of perfect answers will encourage you to keep praying and seeking joy in God above all.

Read Laura's introduction here, and check back tomorrow for the link to the very first episode of Risen Motherhood!

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