When Your Nap Time Plans Fall Apart [audio blog]

Today, I'm trying something a little different!
Often I find myself wanting to listen to podcasts or other audio / video recordings while I accomplish tasks around the house like laundry, dishes or cleaning.  Listening while I work helps me stay focused and helps excercise my mind while I serve with my hands.  I love writing (and won't get away from that completely), but one of my goals is to practice different ways of communicating truth.  Being that it's a 'first' there are many imperfections, but I hope you still find some encouragement in it!

Here are some notable points if you want to skip ahead:
  • 00:56 - Why am I talking about nap time?  Because who we are in Christ impacts all aspects of our life.
  • 1:23 - A day when my nap time plans fell apart and none of my children napped at the same time.
  • 3:35 - Sometimes I feel like I 'deserve' nap time.  Can you relate?  When my kids don't give me that time to myself, I can get frustrated and feel like they are encroaching on something that's 'mine'.
  • 4:08 - A practical tip for hard nap times:  see it as an opportunity to connect with your children.
  • 5:30 - A spiritual takeaway for hard nap times:  our ability to teach our children about Jesus flows out of the context of a healthy relationships with them.
  • 6:14 - I've learned these lessons from many times of responding wrongly, noting that harshness never works.  When I choose to be gentle and kind, our relationship grows.
  • 7:09 -  An example: bringing my oldest alongside me to finish my work instead of pushing him aside.
  • 8:56 -  These things aren't 'new' revelations, but I think they are hard to put into practice!  Connect first, THEN teach and train.
  • 9:44 - I hope you were encouraged and that you see opportunities to connect with your children today.
I'd love to get your feedback on this type of blog.  Leave me a comment on Facebook or email me with your thoughts!
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