Praying For Your Husband is Easier Than You Think (+ a GIVEAWAY!)

I haven't done an awesome job of praying for my husband over the course of our entire marriage.  I know that I should pray, but logistically, it feels challenging.  First of all, I have so many different areas I want to pray for him about.  Not because he's that flawed, but because life is complicated and I want to see God working in every corner of his heart.  In addition, sometimes praying for my husband becomes another thing on my to-do list that I feel guilty about.  Do I need another task to add to my devotional time with the Lord?  And how can I be consistent in this habit?

Many of you can probably relate to these feelings.  Praying for our husbands is hard, and we can even wonder if our prayers will really change things.

But I'm here to testify that by God's grace, I've found something that's working for me in this season.  And I've been completely blessed by the process of praying for my husband each week for almost a year now.  

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I went searching for a prayer journal on ETSY last January when I was convicted there were a few areas of my husband's life that were only going to be impacted as I got down on my knees.  It was clear that in my own strength, by my own manipulation, there were some situations that needed to be totally placed in God's hands, and I needed help organizing all those thoughts.  When I ran across this journal, I ordered it and wasn't sure what to expect.

Each week I would sit down and open it up and begin praying over the listed topic.  The journal gave me some wonderful scriptures as a guide, reminded me to write down specific requests for the week, and used phrases that helped me put my heart into words.  I found myself gaining momentum and even lingering in my prayer time for him.

At first it was all about 'him' and 'his needs' but over time the Lord directed me to see areas of my own heart that needed to change too.  I found myself feeling more gracious and patient, being grateful for all of the ways my husband was loving and leading our family well.  The most amazing thing was recording the answers.  After I had been consistently praying for my husband for about 6 months, I was completely humbled at how many things had noticeably changed.  Not just in general - but SPECIFIC things that I asked God for.  He was so obviously working in my husband's life, and it brought so much encouragement to me.  The best part?  It was all God.  

How I use my journal:
  • One morning each week I sit down and go through a new topic.  It takes me about 10-20 minutes to look over the page, consider my husband's needs and pray for them.
  • I underline things that jump out to me.  Scriptures that the Holy Spirit highlights as I'm reading or phrases that make sense for my husband's personal life.
  • I  write down specific requests for the week or copy down ongoing requests from the previous week.  Both are good and helpful, as it's great to see the short and long-term needs.
  • Finally, I write a short prayer for my husband.  It's important that I'm praying God's revealed will and not just my wants - which is why those scriptures are helpful tools!
  • Every few weeks, I will read over all of my requests and see if there are any that God has answered.  Usually there are - so I record those items in the back of the journal.

Seriously, the "God Working" section is my favorite part.  Not because God is a genie in a bottle who says "yes" to my every whim and desire - but because when I pray in accordance with His word, He is faithful to accomplish His purposes.  When my heart lines up with God's heart, and I ASK for His will to be done - amazing things happen.

I hope you will enter this giveaway for one of three "Praying for your Husband" journals by Glowing Local.  If you don't win, consider checking out her ETSY shop and purchasing one.  It would make an excellent Christmas gift for a friend, mentor, newlywed or a bride-to-be.  Or you could just pick one up for yourself for the New Year (which is a great time to start new habits).  

*Note that winners must be over 18 and must be United States residents.
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