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We recently reclaimed our master bedroom after 7 months of having two adorable little roommates.  Those babies stayed a lot longer than we originally planned, and their sleeping schedules made it nearly impossible to keep our room tidy and fresh.  It felt awesome to clean, de-clutter, vacuum, and regain hope that it can again be a place for us to relax and unwind as a couple!

Are you too Christian for Non-Christians?
I am often deceived by the rampant excuses surrounding my lack of authentic relationships with people who don't share my faith.  This article that appeared on Desiring God's blog had some excellent and practical steps for making those relationships intentional.  Brad and I are talking about our struggle to engage with people when it's not comfortable to us, and we want to see ways to love our neighbors, acquaintances, and family members to minister the love of Christ.   It's easy for me to sit behind a computer and speak the gospel, but much harder to invest in a flesh and blood relationship with a heart of evangelism.

Secret Church - Angels, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare
This series by David Platt is one of the best I've ever encountered about these topics.  It's biblical, thorough, and is basically like listening to an audio version of systematic theology.  Each part of the series is about 1 hour, and I was able to digest it over the course of several days.  Once I started, it was hard to stop listening until I heard his conclusion.  I don't spend much time pondering these topics, but they are really a crucial part of the Christian life.  It's a wonderfully encouraging and challenging teaching series!

Finally, I'll be taking (at least) a 4 week break from blogging!  Here are some of the reasons...
  • I'm potty training Lewis, and a mom can only do so much when she is trying to stay the course with perseverance to the task ahead!  (lots of wiping floors and laundry in my future...)
  • Brad is going into his busiest 6 weeks of the entire year at work.  Since he is my resident "editor", I'm hoping to take at least one thing off of his plate by taking a break with blog posts.
  • I've been writing on this blog (more intentionally) for almost a year now.  When I started, I was just dabbling in a lot of topics, but I've seen the content and direction really evolve in the last few months.  I want to take this opportunity to evaluate my mission and purpose in writing, so I can (by God's grace) provide consistently encouraging content that is true to God's word.
  • Blogging (especially "Christian" blogging) can have some unique temptations.  On one hand, I'm excited to share the message of the gospel, but it's very easy to get sucked into self-centeredness and self-glorification.  Taking an intentional break will be an opportunity to continue examining my heart so I can do this for God's fame and not my own.
  • Finally, it's critically important to me that the time I spend blogging about motherhood, womanhood, and marriage never compromises my ability to live out those truths in real life.  Developing good / sound content is often time consuming, and I want to prayerfully set up healthy boundaries for the time that it takes.
Thank you SO much for your support and encouragement!  I'll see you back end of July / early August!  If there are any topics you would like to see discussed in the coming year, please comment or email me at fromthejensens@gmail.com.  I would also love to hear how God is encouraging you through this blog and how I can serve you as a reader in the future.  Have a wonderful July!

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