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This looks like a relatively nice Easter picture, but what you don't see is that Lewis hit Cal in the head just seconds later, Cal has a low fever, Gabe has a stinky diaper, and Brad and I are probably having some sort of tension over the pose and speed of this family photo.  As we walked away from this picture, I thanked God in my heart for Easter, because this is a physical example of a spiritual reality.  No matter how clean and polished we make the picture of our life seem, a closer examination reveals our utter depravity.  Thankfully, Jesus died and rose again so that those who put their faith in him can have eternal life. (also, I'm thankful that he created discipline, tylenol, and diapers to help us in the mean time!)

How Mothers Can Worship in the Midst of Inconvenience
I don't know about you, but most of the time I spend with Jesus is interrupted by children who need my immediate attention.  About the time I get into a heartfelt prayer, I hear screaming from another room and a beckoning to whisper a quick amen while I go back to my "real life".  I sit and read my bible as I hear the theme song to Daniel Tiger and I'm looking up every couple minutes to make sure my toddler isn't climbing onto the fireplace or sticking things in the DVD player.  Church is great, but as soon as it's over I need to swiftly go back to the nursery to pick up my kids even if I did want to visit with the new couple sitting next to us.  It sometimes might seem like my kids are interfering in my relationship with God, but I don't believe this is a true or right mindset.  I loved this blog post on True Woman about how to embrace the spiritual multi-tasking, seeing God's plan for our relationship with him, even when it feels like we can't have a "real" quiet time.

Supporting a Friend through Miscarriage
Even if you have never experienced the heartbreak and loss of a miscarriage, you probably know someone who has.  Madison over at Espresso and Cream has been posting some extremely helpful and honest insights into the recovery period after a miscarriage.  I know that I'm grateful for her heart and will try to remember these things as I interact with and minister to friends who have experienced this type of grief.  On a related note, go check out my sister-in-law's perspective about being the friend with the baby. ...It's a take on the issue of loss and infertility from another angle.

Blogging and the S Word
I know I link to this blog a lot, but I really appreciate her the author's writing style and heart for Jesus.  In this post, she gives some insight into the hidden struggle of many Christian bloggers (myself included) to both glorify God in our writing while resisting the temptation to be lured by our "statistics".  This post encouraged me to remember to pray for God's direction in my content and also for him to "pick" the audience.  She points out something important, "the truth is, 100,000 people could read an article that bears no lasting fruit in their lives, and 10 people could read an article that changes them for eternity.  With God the statistics are unseen."

Why I Will Keep Talking About Biblical Womanhood
Courtney does a phenomenal job of explaining why this topic is relevant to our lives in 2014, and gives me more motivation to continue exploring God's plan for women as it's laid out in the bible.  Favorite quote:  "Every day we hear lies about God’s image and his rightful authority over his creation, and we know the truth. These aren’t silly arguments that evangelicals like to get into. They are eternal matters that tell a story about our creator, God."   

 ...and a couple more Easter pics because I really enjoyed watching Lewis do an Easter egg hunt this year!  (as seen in the last picture, he enjoyed it too since he is busy eyeing his new treasures)...
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