New "Twin" Mom Confessions on Oakland Avenue

What (or who) is the biggest safety threat for our twins?
What causes me to sneak around in dark rooms and sprint through the house?
What makes me want to have twins again?

Well, you'll have to head over to  Oakland Avenue to find out!
Today I'm honored to be a guest blogger, sharing nine new "twin" mom confessions that might surprise you!  Be sure to check out her whole "New Mom Confessions" series as well, because she's a hilarious and heartfelt writer, especially when it comes to motherhood.  (plus, Laura is my sister-in-law and she's awesome and my nephew is adorable.)

Second order of business - I took the leap and created a "From the Jensens" Facebook Page.  If you read this blog regularly and want to see updates, interact about posts, and see other articles that I share, please go "like" the page.  Also, keep in mind that you have to interact with the page from time-to-time in order for it to show up consistently on your news feed!  Have a great Thursday!
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