What I'm Getting for Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, two crying alarms will go off at 4:00am.  Brad will wake up with me, he will hold one of them, give a bottle, change two diapers, swaddle two boys, and lay them back down.  He will volunteer to sleep on my side of the bed if I want, so that I don't have to be further interrupted by crying.  As we fall back asleep, he will want to talk to me and he will tell me he loves me (although I'll be tired and kind of annoyed by this).  He won't take offense to my annoyance, and will rest soundly next to me anyway.

At 7:30am, he will help feed babies again before getting ready for work.  If he has time, he will bring me a cup of coffee while I'm with the children and it will have just the right amount of cream.  Even though it might be making him late, he will ask for breakfast and he'll remind me that he loves MY breakfast sandwiches, not just any breakfast sandwiches.  At this, I will sigh and let him know that sometimes I get tired of making him the same thing over and over again, but he won't hold this against me.  As he leaves I'll be busy, but he will make me pause to say goodbye and get a hug.

He will work hard all day.  He will barely have time to stop and eat lunch, but somehow he will find time to edit a blog post, face time with Lewis, or text me a quick hello.  If I show up at the office and interrupt, he will be happy to see me, even if it kind of messed with his schedule.

When he walks in the door after work, he will announce that "Daddy" is home.  After giving me a kiss, he will sweep up Lewis and tell him, "Daddy loves mommy!"  Even though he is exhausted and wants to relax, he will wash his hands, take a child, and come to the table.  He will pray for us before dinner.  As we eat, it will be important to him to hear all about my day.  He says, "tell me about all of your comings and goings."  It's okay if I get a little selfish and blurt out 10,000 words and forget to ask about him until later.

After dinner he will wrestle with Lewis until they are both rolling with laughter.  Even though Brad is getting tired by now, he gives Lewis a bath and puts him in his pajamas.  While I rock Lewis, he will clean up the nursery and won't neglect to pray for us before laying our sweet son to bed. It might seem like this day should be over...but there are still more children to care for.

My Valentine will end the day by feeding babies...again.  He will change their diapers and swaddle them for bed time.  He will listen to their cries as he spends a little time on the ipad surfing craigslist.  I will give him some space until he asks if I would like to come to bed and enjoy catching up on a favorite TV show.

My Valentine's Day might not include a dozen red roses, a night out on the town, or an extravagant gift, but it will include the love of a faithful man who lays his life down for our family.  It's okay that romance looks differently these days, because I'm happy to have the faithfulness, forgiveness, and unconditional love that he gives me day in and day out.

This year for Valentine's Day, I'm getting help with diaper changes,  a 4:00am "I love you" and the security of knowing Brad loves God enough to lay down his life another day for the sake of his calling.  For those gifts, I am thankful.

Encouraging you to consider respecting, loving, and rejoicing in the things your husband does well everyday and lay down your high expectations for him on this Hallmark holiday!  Give him the gift of an appreciative wife who adores him when he hits the mark and when he misses too.  Our husbands do more for us than we often give them credit for!  

Happy (early) Valentine's Day!

Update:  This blog post by Amber on Twin Cities Mom Blog closely relates and gives good inspiration for making our husbands feel special this Valentine's Day...a great read!
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