Lots of God's Grace

Lately I've been doing little "test runs", trying to get all three of the children out of the house by myself (pictured below was a recent trip to Brad's office with all the kids for lunch).  Sometimes this goes well, and other times it leaves me completely exhausted and wondering if I will ever have the feeling of "freedom" I used to be familiar with.  As I was looking back at old draft posts, I ran across this one from a couple weeks after the twins were born, and felt encouraged again by the words of a wise older woman...

Our first outing with three children under 16 months was as you would expect, corralled chaos.

My mom came with us to the twin's two-week follow-up appointment to see the pediatrician, and since we were not able to secure childcare for Lewis, he joined us as well.  With Iowa temps in the teens, we ventured out with 3 full car seats, winter coats, hats, diaper bags, purses, and tough spirits to face the appointment as a team.

I imagine what we looked like walking in...I was muscling two car seats plus a purse while my mom held a squirmy toddler with an over-sized coat and multiple bags.  It was probably a little scary looking.  But even with all of the people and gear, I wasn't prepared to feel so much like a walking circus act.

When we entered the doctor's office room, the nurses all commented on how busy I would be and how full my hands are.  Those things were obvious as Lewis was waddling around everywhere, seeing how many germs he could collect while I undressed two babies to be measured and weighed.  These weren't new comments and observations.

From the point in my pregnancy when we started to share with people that we were having twins, I've was continually told and reminded how difficult my life will be and how full my hands will be.  It's been the minority of people who have had something uplifting and encouraging to say, even when they mean well and don't intend to make me feel bad.  (In fact, I'm sure the vast majority are just making friendly conversation.)

Sunday at church, a very admired and wise older mom came up to me and exclaimed with much enthusiasm, "You are going to get to experience so much of God's grace!"  This statement was so refreshing to me because it implied two truths -
1) that my job was going to be hard, my hands would be full, and I would not be able to do it on my own and
2) that God was going to show up to supernaturally help me and give his grace as I needed it more and more.
Who doesn't want more of God's grace?  What an encouraging thought!

As I embark on this first year with three little ones, I'm somewhat aware of what's ahead.  I know it will involve lots of crazy outings with bags, strollers, coats, and tears.  I'm a MOM and this is what I signed up for!  But really, what gives me the most comfort isn't the fact that others have survived, but that I will experience much more of God's grace than I would have if I needed Him less.  Amen!
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