Encouragement Worth Sharing

Lately, I've been running across a lot of wonderful blog posts and I've been attempting to compile them into a post.  If I don't immediately link something in a draft, just a few minutes later I can't remember what I read or where I read it.  However, I thought all of these posts were good enough to take the two minutes to save, and I hope you agree!

The other morning Lewis found the coffee grounds and pulled them out of the trash...I let out a big sigh, but my desire is to find laughter and joy in even these moments!
Has Authenticity Trumped Holiness?
Quote: "We've become too comfortable with our sin, to the point that it's how we identify ourselves and relate to others. But shouldn't we find connection over Christ, rather than over our depravity?"
Good question...This discussion is probably bigger than a few sentence reflection so I'm not going to tackle it now, but I still wanted to share because I found this blog post to be thought provoking and refreshing.  If you want to read more about making an idol out of "authenticity" and how it pertains to stay-at-home-moms, read this blog post.  And again - another article on pursuing Godliness.  Interesting stuff.

I Signed Up for This
If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, you probably already saw that I shared this blog post.  It was one of those things that I read at the perfect time.  January included lots of children puking, sleepless nights, and time spend stuck inside.  I'll admit that I spent several days feeling extremely discouraged about the "little blessings" God has given me to take care of.  Just as this blog author describes, I found myself sighing, moaning, and groaning about things that are gifts.  Frankly, life isn't that bad and I can get pretty self-focused instead of fixing my eyes on my ministry and purpose.

Because I Love My God
Speaking of purpose and remembering my mission in the difficult moments, this blog post by Jami Nato really hit close to home.  I can't relate to her struggles of having a child with special needs, but I can appreciate the need to remember who I'm serving when I'm continually asked to lay down my wants / needs / desires for the sake of my calling.  This week instead of scoffing at another dirty diaper, I hope to whisper the reason behind my serving under my breath, I'm doing this "because I love my God".

Before You Were Mommy
With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I am spending more time thinking about my love, Brad.  Sometimes I get mom tunnel vision and in the midst of wearing spit-up and playing whack-a-mole with fussing twins, I start to view him as another set of hands more so than the love of my life.  He comes home and I think, "Great...back up!  Can you get over here as quickly as possible and take a child from me?!"  Does he get a chance to breathe or go to the bathroom or hear a whole-hearted, "Hello!" from me?...no, not always.  But I WANT to give our marriage the attention and care it deserves, and I'm thankful that God allowed me to read this blog post.  It was a good reminder that my relationship with Brad is even more important to maintain than my relationship with my children.

Speed Cleaning
The 4 part series on keeping a clean and tidy home really resonated with many of you.  I'm so thankful that God uses this blog to encourage others!  As I shared in some of my posts, during this current season of life, I've had an even more difficult time keeping up with our house.  Until I have time to get into more of a routine again, I've been practicing the art of speed cleaning.  This blog post has some great suggestions for how to do it in detail.  I won't detail our strategy on this blog, but it includes writing down the rooms I want to pick-up / clean, giving them a time limit (usually 5-10 minutes each), and knocking them off the list as quickly as possible.  If I give myself 5 minutes to clean up an area, I go into super-speed mode and I just get it done.  Right now I am getting a significant portion of our house cleaned everyday with this method in 30-45 minutes or less.  If you are pressed for time, you should try it!
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