2014 Goals

So, this post should have happened the first week of January when the rest of the blogging world was goal setting and vision casting for 2014.  I was so deep in the trenches in January, there was no lifting my eyes to see beyond the next few minutes.  Even now, I'm still in the trenches (see picture above), but at least I'm starting to peer out over the top of them in hopes that someday I will be out again.  Some of these goals might sound trivial, but I'm excited to look back in 8-12  months and see where I'm at.

2014 Goals (in no particular order):

  • Lose the rest of my pregnancy weight from the twins.  Stretch goal - lose the rest of my pregnancy weight from Lewis too...
  • Jog the entire Midnight Madness 5K in July.  Yes...do the whole thing without walking. 
  • Survive a "vacation" with all three children.
  • Take a 5 year anniversary trip with Brad, preferably to someplace warm where we don't have to do anything but sleep, eat, read, and talk for days on end.  This sounds like my best dreams.
  • Start and maintain a discipling relationship for a season.
  • Get back into the rhythm of a group bible study (actually attending with some consistency is a bonus).
  • Interview one or two homeschool moms about their experiences and tuck their answers away to reflect on again at a later date.
  • Organize the toys in our house and put them on a rotation.
  • Simplify my closet and get rid of the vast majority of my wardrobe, only keeping high quality items that I like and wear frequently.  By "get rid of" I mean mostly consign and sell.
  • Continue blogging - trying to post at least one time per week.
  • Go for a walk or get some exercise every weekday in the spring and summer.
  • Re-evaluate our home decor, specifically the living room rug and pillows, the dining room art, the fireplace room, and some of the furniture.  Remove things that don't work well for our family's season of life and hit refresh where I don't like the style.
  • Take all 3 children to the store by myself.  Stretch goal - do it more than one time.
  • Read a few books, including "Give Them Grace" (had that one on the list for a long time now), "Loving the Little Years", and "Housewife Theologian" or "Crazy Busy".  
  • Find a good routine during weekdays that includes specific times for snacks, bible time, screen time, chores, and learning activities... - start living like a large family!
  • Menu plan and take practical steps to be more frugal and resourceful with food.
  • Start thinking about how I'm going to keep track of family photos.
  • Create at least one holiday tradition.
  • And as always...continue to get rid of "stuff" and decrease clutter.

Okay, if I actually do all that stuff in 2014 (or even 2/3 of it), I'll be superwoman!
Happy (belated) New Year!
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