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Side note:  I've never called fall my favorite season, this is simply because it precedes winter (and winter feels like the longest season of the year).  But this year, I'm finding myself kind of wishing it would cool down so the leaves would change and I can finally pull out sweaters and slippers.  Maybe I'm tired of my summer maternity clothes, maybe I'm tired of constantly feeling hot and on the verge of sweating, or maybe I'm frustrated because I haven't been able to enjoy walks outside, but this warm weather really needs to break.  Don't remind of this post in February though when I will be eating my words and wishing that I would have savored every hot minute before we were buried in snow. 

Okay...on to some good posts...

Right now, I am really struggling with Lewis during the hour between 4 and 5 p.m. (or whenever daddy gets home) which can feel like a constant string of whining, even after he has taken good nap.  I've tried TV, snacks, new toys, playing outside; all bad tricks and all to no avail.  This post gives some good and practical ideas for making it through this difficult part of the day, which is a common time of struggle for most children.  I particularly liked her idea about adjusting expectations and making a choice to engage in parenting during this hour versus trying to cook a complicated meal or check facebook.  Recently, I sat down next to Lewis while he was playing instead of prepping dinner (because I fixed something simple for dinner) and he hardly whined the whole hour.  Just having my attention helped tremendously!

This blog post really struck a chord with me about being a woman who is mission-minded.  I think the author hit the nail right on the head when they mentioned the reality that, "Sometimes we try so hard to be mission-minded, we neglect our primary mission; our own family."  In this particular season of life, I've had to really scale back "outside" activities in order to continue serving my family well.  Sometimes it can be hard to watch others who seem to be out in the world doing mission and evangelism, but I have to trust in the truth that my most important mission field right now is the little non-christian growing up in my house.

Although we are still several years away from having to decide if we are sending Lewis to public school, private school, home school, or some other alternative, we're already thinking and praying about what to do.  I try to read articles on both sides of the fence, when I run across them, to help as we sort through some of the pros and cons of different types of education.  This recent article by Dr. Albert Mohler had an interesting look at the background of public school and how it has changed dramatically in recent decades.  He also touches on the question of whether or not it's still an option for Evangelical Christians to educate their children through this changing system.  Interesting read!

Finally, I have really been enjoying the blog, Loving My Lot.  Her writing is not only relatable, but it is biblical, relevant, and easy to digest...definitely worth adding to the blog subscription list :-).

I hope at least one of these reads was interesting and helpful for you today!
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