4 Ways to Serve a Mommy-to-Be

I've been completely amazed at the outpouring of love and support from those around us during this unexpected and challenging season of life.  When Brad and I found out we were having twins, we did what we could to prepare, but to a large degree we knew that having these twins would be a lesson in trusting God to meet our practical needs.  I especially felt unsure of how I would make it to the end of this pregnancy with a one year old and a huge belly.  Growing these two babies has been an amazing experience, but it has left me more physically exhausted than I could have ever imagined.  My body is working double overtime to grow two little ones, and most days I'm running an energy deficit.  On one hand, this could be very discouraging after a while, but it has been an amazing opportunity to learn about God's faithfulness and his ability to love us personally.

Our friends and family have allowed themselves to be used by God to support, encourage, help, and provide for our needs.  Here are a few examples of things people have done so far for me during the later part of this pregnancy that I'm confident would be an encouragement to other women in their 3rd trimester (with or without twins on the way)!

1.  Provide food
  • Bring over a hot and ready meal to take the load off of dinner time
  • Bring over quick breakfast items to lessen the rush in the morning
  • Do a grocery run of some essential items
  • Bring over a frozen meal to be used whenever is convenient
2.  Provide rest
  • Offer to provide childcare so mom-to-be can take a nap or put her feet up
  • Offer to run any errands that might be difficult or physically taxing
  • Come over and help with household duties or chores, giving a chance to get off those feet
  • Encourage spending time in God's word
3.  Provide fun
  • Plan a coffee date or outing that doesn't require much walking or standing (but lots of social time)
  • Come visit the mom-to-be at her home, bringing a treat and good conversation
  • Plan a play date to occupy and uplift her children (who might be feeling like mommy is a little boring right now)
4.  Provide prayers
  • Pray for the health of the baby(ies) and pregnancy
  • Pray for God to meet specific needs of the family
  • Pray for the mom-to-be to lean on God and have strength during the last weeks
The last thing to remember is that many of us prideful women (myself included) find it hard to accept help, especially from other women who we might perceive as "having it all together".  Some days I don't understand what makes me different from other moms in their 3rd trimester with other kids at home...why do I need so much help when other people seem to be getting by just fine?  It can be easy to compare two things that are in fact different, and expect my pregnancy to look just like everyone else's.  I can get down on myself and really feel guilty for not just working harder or being stronger.  It has also been extremely helpful for my friends and family to almost nag me about resting and accepting support.  They constantly remind me that I am facing higher risks with weightier consequences, and that my body is feeling the pressure of doing double duty, using energy to grow two babies.  But all women in their 3rd trimester probably need to be resting more, enjoying the last bit of calm before months of night waking and constantly caring for a newborn.

Can you think of someone in the later stages of pregnancy who would be blessed by your help?
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