Intentionally Serving Your Husband - The Master Suite [part 2]

The journey to having a master bedroom retreat has been a long time coming for us.  We were tired of living in laundry and clutter that found it's way to our bedroom when it didn't have another place in the house.  Now, we are excited to retire to the master suite at the end of the night to wind down and enjoy each other's company.  Here are a few non-professional quick cell phone pictures of our bedroom:

The Master Suite - BEFORE (random lamps, white shades, plain bedding, no personal touches)
The Master Suite - AFTER (still "no frills", but warmer, more personal, and touches of color)

Now, I know that it's not always practical to find money in the budget for a complete remodel of the master.  Duvet covers, curtains, and decorative pillows can add up quickly.  I'm not saying the answer is always to run to your nearest Target and buy all new stuff, but there are a few practical ways you can take what you already have (plus a little creativity) and make a great master suite!

1 - Love your bed:  After years of having blah sheets that were scratchy and uncomfortable, I finally bought sheets that Brad and I enjoy sleeping between every night.  I found them at Target  and had a coupon, so they weren't even very expensive (but they make a world of difference for our comfort).  Also, this might seem like TMI, but I finally put our sheet changing on a schedule so it happens very frequently.  Yep...clean sheets go a long way.  Other elements of the bed make a difference too; make sure you have pillows that are comfortable, blankets or comforters and fit the temperature of the season, and take the time to make your bed everyday.  

2 - Make it personal:  I made it a point to put a wedding picture gallery across from our headboard (not shown above).  This means that Brad and I can't fall asleep at night without looking at snapshots of that special day.  I can't tell you the number of times that the holy spirit has used those pictures to remind me of our vows and our love for each other in moments when I wanted to go to bed angry.  It's a visual reminder of our covenant, and the bedroom is a perfect spot for it.  

3 - Set the mood:  Color choices, amount of decorations, and furniture can really change the feel of the room.  If it feels too heavy, consider using lighter colors and fabrics or remove a lesser used piece of furniture.  If it feels too empty, start filling the walls with picture galleries or other decor that adds warmth and character.  Hang your favorite bible verse on the wall, or a cute printable that matches your decor. Try burning a scented candle at night or in the afternoon before your husband comes home to give the room a memorable identity (currently burning - "Fresh Cut Roses").  

4 - De-clutter:  Not many people feel rested and relaxed in a space full of clutter and piles.  When there is a mess in our bedroom, I'm just further reminded of my to-do list (and not inspired to rest at all).  Make a serious effort to purge your bedroom of things that migrate there and don't have a place in your retreat.  Better to have a junk dump spot in another room than the master.  Keep laundry and other worn-but-not-dirty clothes off the floor and put away.  (If you do it everyday, it's only one or two items.)  For things that need to stay, be sure to organize them in a way that is practical for you to maintain.

5 - Get your husband's input:  It was amazing the feedback I received when I asked for Brad's suggestions for making our master bedroom a more restful place.  He had some really specific requests like keeping the bed made daily, not adding any more knick knacks, keeping the decor clean and basic, getting sheets that we really like, and putting away the laundry.  Even though I was all worked up about the "look" of the space, he was really just hoping for some simple and functional changes that would really make him feel comfortable.  All of his requests were super simple, and it actually meant I could stop trying to add "decorative touches" to the room.  Don't underestimate gathering input from the person you are trying to serve!

I know it's not realistic to ALWAYS have a clean and perfect space (and that's not the case for our room fact, this week Lewis has been sick and I've been slacking on bedroom tidiness).  I don't feel condemnation when these things don't fall into place, and my husband is gracious to fall asleep with me no matter the condition of the room.  Our marriage isn't significantly better or worse based on having comfortable sheets and a picked up floor.  However I do think that these little things, over the course of years, can positively impact a man and a marriage.  As wives, we need to respect and serve our husbands unconditionally, and having a special place for them to relax and sleep is just one small practical way to show you care for them.  It gives glory to God when we say, "Lord, I'm a mess, and I'm just not very good at making my husband's comfort a priority.  Please forgive me, and show me specific ways that I can show him honor today so that he would feel loved and drawn to you."  I literally ask God to HELP me make the bed and get these things done most days.  By God's grace alone, I can be the aroma of Christ to my husband by the way I show him hospitality through the master bedroom.

Are there other practical ways you have found to take what you already have and make a great master suite?

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