A twins story - How we discovered we were having two

No one tries to have two babies at one time.  But if Brad could have, he would.  As far back into our marriage conversations about children as I can remember, I recall Brad telling me he wanted twins.  In fact, he repeated this hope so often that even close friends and family have witnessed his enthusiasm over the prospect of two babies at one time.  I, however, was always un-enthused at this possibility.  All I could think about was the work, the pregnancy discomforts, and the exhaustion.  Crazy.  And I was sure it would never happen to me, so I could just laugh about it.

Just a few weeks after finding out about our second pregnancy, I was walking Lewis at the park and suddenly this thought was eating away at me... "What if we had twins?"  I was picturing being in the delivery room and meeting two sweet babies.  I was hearing the doctor tell us, "you are pregnant with two, not just one".  I thought my imagination was getting a little over zealous, so I tried to shake it off.  Just then, a man on a bike rode past us with a little boy on the front and two twin girls towed behind.  The three children appeared to be almost the same age difference as our children would be.  My heart leapt.  It seemed a bit too coincidental that I would have just been thinking about having twins so close to Lewis when I would see that exact little family combination ride by.  Later on our walk, we passed the man again, and this time he made eye contact with me and smiled.  Another time, I shook it off...thinking it might be the hormones talking.

The next night I was falling asleep with the lingering question of why I was STILL thinking about twins anyway.  Feelings are not always accurate, and our hearts can't be trusted to lead us in the right direction, but sometimes the holy spirit does reveal little personal things to us for God's greater glory and purposes.  Besides, there were many instances in the bible when God revealed special things to women about their children during pregnancy.  It wasn't too completely weird...was it?

I only told a handful of people about my suspicions.  I told Brad (who actually believed me) and my mom.  I jokingly shared it with a few other family members.

We went in for our 12 week appointment with the midwife, and everything was routine.  She discussed my pre-term labor risks (because I had Lewis early) and then brought up something interesting and unexpected...having an "impromptu ultrasound" to better date the baby.  Woah.  My heart started to beat more quickly, and I wondered if we would find out we were having two babies that very afternoon.  She only picked up one heartbeat on the doppler, but I knew it wasn't over until we SAW my uterus.

There I was, laying in the dark ultrasound room with Brad sitting in a chair next to the door.  I don't know if Brad was thinking we might see something unexpected, but I at least had an inkling.  Almost immediately when the ultrasound started, my brain registered the image at the same time our technician exclaimed, "oh wait, you have two babies in there!"

picture from our 12 week "impromptu ultrasound"

Brad leapt out of his seat and did a fist pump while screaming, "yes!".  I threw both hands over my face and overwhelmed by emotion, shed tears as I cried, "I knew it.  I can't believe I knew it."

There are only a few moments in my life where I have witnessed tangible assurance that God is real and that he cares for each person intimately and personally...this was one of those moments.  I felt like God was smiling down on us...watching Brad's desires for two babies be fulfilled (when we thought it could never happen to us)...watching me accept the news with joy (knowing that God was so gracious to give me a couple of weeks to warm up to the idea).  I was sure that these twins were a gift from him to our family.  Handpicked for us.  Exactly in his plan for our family.  And there was peace.

Already I've seen how taking us from one to three so quickly is a marvelous part of his plan for our lives.  He has brought me back to a place where I'm not planning ways to do-it-myself, but instead I'm having to rely on him for answers to even basic questions like, "how will I feed them...how will I sleep...how will I go places?"  I am having to rest in the truth that he is faithful and will provide what I need.  I am having to trust that he will give me grace when I need it (and not a moment too soon).  I am humbled that he would give Brad and I such a great responsibility, and that he wants to equip us to tackle it.  He has quickly expanded my mindset of mission and mothering, reminding me that this is a serious calling and it's going to mean laying down all that I have...my whole self...all that I've clung to for comfort and security.  He has reminded me that only he is my security, and this Christian walk makes me a slave to Christ, to joyfully serve in whatever way he leads.  And right now...that means being a wife to one man, and a mother to three.

Praise the Lord.

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