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On Ministry, Faithfulness & Focusing

A New Ministry
In January of 2016, my sister-in-law and I embarked on a new ministry for moms. Our hope was to see God use our voices and conversations to reach moms with Gospel-minded encouragement. We saw our brokenness, imperfection, and inadequacy for the task, but by faith, we hit "record" week after week. In short discussions, we began to tackle the topics impacting our everyday lives - potty training, mom uniforms, messy houses, anxiety, birth experiences, and more. We did all of this without knowing what this ministry would need from our lives and hearts, or even how long it would remain beneficial for others.

By God's grace, this week we will release our 38th episode in 2016, with steadily growing listenership month after month. We are beyond humbled and amazed as we've expanded from just a podcast to a website, along with multiple social media platforms. What we've discovered is a group of moms who are also eager and hungry - even desperate - alongside us. Who can't sweep up another mess from under the table, or wipe another bottom, or be awake another hour in the night, without drinking the life-giving water that Jesus offers.

We are overwhelmed with joy to be behind a mission that so many others want to be part of: Motherhood in light of the gospel. 
Motherhood in God's way for God's glory. 
Motherhood in light of our eternal hope. 

Desiring Faithfulness 
All of this has been a cause for rejoicing, but it's also been a cause for change in the way I approach ministry in this season. With faithfulness to the gospel as my ultimate goal, I'm starting to close doors (knowing I can't effectively disciple others when I'm spread painfully thin).

So in August of 2016, I snuck away for a couple of days to be alone with the Lord and better understand what this next season looks like in terms of my outside-of-the-home ministry investments. Some conclusions were unsurprising (i.e. my relationship with God and personal growth must come first, and being faithful at home is of the utmost importance). But a couple of changes also came to the forefront:

  • God has laid on my heart a greater desire for ministry in the local church. Although my capacity will vary from season to season, I want to make sure I'm not so slammed with other things that I can't say "yes" as God leads. The body needs my gifts, and I desperately need the local body!
  • God has also laid on my heart the pressing need for my personal engagement in discipleship and evangelism within my own community. While the internet has opened up incredible opportunities for ministry, it has also become an easy place to hide. In some ways, typing behind a glowing screen can be easier for me than loving on our adopted-college student or talking to the mom in the waiting room at the doctor's office. I hope that my online ministries never become an excuse to neglect flesh-and-blood gospel ministry.
  • Finally, God has laid on my heart a desire to be "all in" with Risen Motherhood!!! For many months, I was trying to juggle many personal social media accounts along with my blog, my blog's social media platforms, and all things Risen Motherhood. I knew this level of complexity was unsustainable with a house full of little ones, but it was hard to let go of something I'd invested time in for so many years. But as soon as I made the decision, it was a huge burden lifted! I'm so excited to move forward with Risen Motherhood, and invest my efforts there with an undivided heart.

Finding Focus
So with all of that being said - it's not farewell, but "come find me over here!"

Here's where you can find me:
  • PODCASTING weekly at Risen Motherhood: Check-out the website to see the archives, keep up-to-date with new shows, and connect with us on social media.
  • MICRO-BLOGGING & CREATING STORIES on @Risenmotherhood's instagram: For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, micro-blogging is exactly what it sounds like...mini-posts! These are much faster for me to churn out, and still exercise the writing muscle. 
  • CURATING CONTENT & CREATING VIDEOS for Risen Motherhood: On both Facebook and Twitter, Laura and I are regularly sharing our favorite resources for motherhood and even occasionally do a live video to supplement the podcasts.
  • CONTRIBUTING CONTENT to other websites: As I have time, I hope to continue contributing original articles to other websites. I'll keep all of that up-to-date on my "Other Writing" page!
Here's what's changing:
  • For the foreseeable future, I won't be updating this blog (Emily Jensen Writes). I'll keep the archives for reference, and a the website as a landing zone for those who want to know where I'm producing new content!
  • I'll also be letting my "Emily Jensen Writes" social media profiles go dormant. You can interact with me on social media through Risen Motherhood, or if you know me (online or in person), feel free to friend request me on FB / Instagram! 
Thanks for all your support, and I look forward to interacting with you through Risen Motherhood!


*headshot courtesy of Libby Assay Studio
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